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Bubble Soccer (age 7 and up)

Bubble Soccer: The Ultimate Action-Packed Birthday Party Experience!

Are you ready to take your child's birthday party to the next level? Look no further than our exhilarating bubble soccer experience! Bubble soccer is a unique and entertaining sport that combines the thrill of soccer with the excitement of being encased in a giant inflatable bubble. At Nordic American Athletics, we offer the perfect package to make your child's birthday celebration an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, camaraderie, and non-stop fun.

Bubble soccer is a thrilling and hilarious twist on the traditional game of soccer. Imagine your child and their friends wearing large bubble suits that cover their upper body and head, creating a safe and bouncy environment. They can run, bounce, and collide into each other while trying to score goals and navigate the field. It's an action-packed game that guarantees smiles, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Our birthday party package includes everything you need for an incredible bubble soccer celebration. We provide all the necessary bubble suits, regular soccer balls, a large blow-up ball for extra fun, and a range of goal sizes (4x6 to 12x6) to suit your preference. We also supply bibs and cones to mark the field and ensure a smooth and organized game. And of course, we bring the highlight of the event - the inflatable suits that allow participants to safely bounce, collide, and enjoy the thrill of bubble soccer. With our comprehensive equipment and supplies, you can rest assured that your bubble soccer party will be a blast from start to finish.

Safety is our top priority at N.A.A Our trained staff provides proper instruction on how to wear the bubble suits correctly and play the game safely. We provide high-quality bubble suits that are designed to provide cushioning and protection. Our staff closely monitors the games, ensuring that all safety guidelines are followed. We have specific age and size recommendations to ensure the comfort and safety of all participants.

To book your bubble soccer birthday party and give your child an unforgettable experience, contact us at N.A.A Our dedicated team is ready to deliver a seamless, fun-filled event that will have kids bouncing with excitement. Let's create memories, laughter, and soccer-filled joy for your child's special day!

Please note: Parental consent and signed waivers are required for all participants. Safety guidelines will be provided prior to the event, and we kindly request that all attendees adhere to these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

 Text us here from the website to reach us for more info! 

N.A.A Bubble Soccer Rental Price Sheet: 

Option 1: Basic Package

  • Duration: 1 Hour

  • Number of Bubble Suits: 10

  • Number of Coaches: 1

  • Price: $300

Option 2: Standard Package

  • Duration: 1.5 Hours

  • Number of Bubble Suits: 15

  • Number of Coaches: 1

  • Price: $400

Option 3: Premium Package

  • Duration: 2 Hours

  • Number of Bubble Suits: 20

  • Number of Coaches: 1

  • Price: $500

Additional Add-Ons:

  • Extra Bubble Suits: $25 per suit

  • Extra Coach: $75 per coach

Please note:

  • Prices are subject to change based on location and specific event requirements.

  • A security deposit may be required and will be returned upon safe and undamaged return of the equipment.

  • All participants must sign liability waivers.

  • Transportation fees may apply for events outside the specified area.

Contact us at N.A.A to discuss your specific needs and customize a package that best suits your event. We are committed to providing an exciting and memorable bubble soccer experience at a competitive price point.

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