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Nerf Gun Raid
Image by Kolby Milton

Cooming Soon
September 2023


Gear up for an epic Nerf Gun Raid adventure that will leave your child and their friends buzzing with excitement! At Nordic American Athletics we provide a complete Nerf Gun Kit with all the necessary equipment to create an immersive and thrilling experience.

Our Nerf Gun Kit includes a range of Nerf blasters, foam darts, safety goggles, and inflatable obstacles to set the stage for an action-packed battle. We take pride in curating an engaging and safe environment where participants can let their imaginations run wild.

With our carefully designed game modes, the fun never stops! Engage in classic team battles, capture the flag missions, or embark on exhilarating last-man-standing showdowns. Our experienced staff will guide the participants, explain the rules, and ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all.

Safety is our utmost priority, and we provide safety instructions to all participants before the start of the Nerf Gun War. Our team closely monitors the games, ensuring that everyone follows the safety guidelines and has a blast in a controlled environment.

Whether it's an outdoor park, your backyard, or a rented venue, our Nerf Gun War can be customized to fit your chosen location. We transform any space into an exciting battlefield, complete with strategic obstacles and thrilling game scenarios.

Pricing for our Nerf Gun War package is available separately, ensuring flexibility and affordability for your event. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and receive a detailed quote tailored to your needs.

Get ready for an unforgettable Nerf Gun War experience that will have your child and their friends jumping, dodging, and unleashing their imagination in an adrenaline-fueled battle. Book with N.A.A today and let the fun begin!

Please note: Parental consent and signed waivers are required for all participants. Safety guidelines will be provided prior to the event, and we kindly request that all attendees adhere to these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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