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Welcome to Our Soccer After-school Program!

At Nordic American Athletics we are proud to offer a modern and European approach to soccer education, designed to foster a love for the game while developing essential skills in a fun and supportive environment. Our afterschool program is tailored to meet the needs of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players, creating a unique space where every child can thrive.

Expert Coaching Staff:

Our coaches are highly experienced and come with a wealth of accolades, including US Soccer Federation licenses and UEFA licenses. This ensures that your child receives the best possible training, grounded in professional standards and contemporary methodologies.

Balanced and Inclusive:

We position ourselves as a middle ground between recreational soccer (like AYSO) and more competitive club soccer. Our program emphasizes skill development with a focus on ball touches rather than pure athleticism. While winning is a part of the journey, our primary goal is to educate and nurture a deep understanding of the game. This balanced approach allows for a positive and enriching experience, whether your child is a club-level player or a beginner.

Play with Classmates:

One of the unique aspects of our afterschool program is that children get to play and train with their classmates, fostering a sense of community and teamwork. This not only enhances their skills but also strengthens social bonds.

For those looking to take their learning further, we offer the Viking Championship League on Sundays in the fall, with a spring version as well. This league is an exciting opportunity to put skills into practice in a competitive yet supportive setting, playing alongside  classmates.

Beyond the School Premises:

In addition to our afterschool program, we provide various practice sessions outside of school hours. These sessions are designed to offer additional training opportunities, helping your child continue to develop their skills and passion for soccer.

Join Us Today:

We invite all interested parents to explore our afterschool soccer program, where your child will receive top-tier training in a supportive and engaging environment. Whether they are seasoned players or new to the sport, our program is designed to excite and inspire, providing a perfect blend of education and fun.

Sign up today and let your child experience the joy of soccer with their classmates, guided by our expert coaches. Together, we'll create memories and build a strong foundation for their future journey in the world of soccer as well as in life.

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