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Who we are The NAA

The Nordic American Athletics was co-created by Andreas Norberg and Teddie Bergman. We partnered together to form unique and individual group sessions and private sessions that travel to you. Our range of clients are from 2 to 14years old. We serve in personalizing each group to their specific locations, times, and social groups.The kids learn for the first thirty minutes practicing drills and skills. The second half is a thirty minute game. We welcome everyone to join! If one can't make their own group or does not have the desire too, it's ok!

Andreas and Teddie will be able to match the individual to a group with a similar skill level and location. We work with everyone and welcome all to participate. We travel to you to meet your needs. We have the flexibility to coordinate and meet the needs of families to participate and encourage youth sports and wellness.     


Andreas Norberg

Andreas is a soccer coach that moved to Los Angeles during 2017 from Sweden. Andreas moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. As time went on Andreas missed coaching and sports in general.  He decided to transition his focus from solely acting to pursue coaching.

Andreas' background with sports started with soccer, floorball and Ice Hockey. 

He has always had a love for sports since he was a child, and at the age of fifteen he started refereeing in both Floorball and Soccer.

Andreas' confident background working with kids was developed from his work as a substitute teacher in Sweden's public school system. He has an extensive history with working with ages from toddlers to teens.

When Andreas is not coaching soccer he spends a lot of time with his beloved dog and likes to take him on hikes and listen to audiobooks or his favorite podcast  - The Joe Rogan Experience. He also is a die hard Chelsea fan even if the alarm has to be set at 4:30 am. Another passion of his is practicing Brazilian Ji Jitsu and Muay Thai. 

Forming the NAA has given him the platform to share the skills of European soccer and training. The rapid growth of the NAA is exciting and continues to expand daily with the experience of Andreas' athletic talents.  


Teddie Bergman

Teddie is the proud mother of two boys. Their love for sports and the desire for community and friends especially during the challenging times of Covid, was what  quickly inspired her to partner up with coach Andreas. She successfully organized and brought groups together to learn soccer, team building skills, and most importantly socialization for the kids. Teddie's background and knowledge comes from the early age of fourteen when she became a swim instructor. For six years, she taught group lessons, private sessions and camps.  At sixteen she led the swim program at the gym Prime Time Athletics in the Bay Area. Raising her two athletic boys has really created a passion for athletics and community.
. Personalizing your own group during Covid or reaching out into the community and making new friends has proven to be a blessing during these unusual circumstances we all are facing. Sustaining a successful career in the entertainment industry for over fourteen years as a makeup artist has given her the same drive to equally succeed in providing excellent service for the NAA.

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