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Mini Games, Tournament

Get ready for a thrilling and action-packed Mini Games extravaganza that will keep your child and their friends engaged, active, and entertained for hours on end! At Nordic American Athletics.


 We specialize in creating customized Mini Games tournaments that can be tailored to your desired format and duration.

Our Mini Games package offers a wide range of exciting game options, including regular soccer tournaments, drop ball challenges, capture the flag missions, tag games, tug of war, and more. We transform any space into an exhilarating playground, complete with strategic obstacles and engaging game setups.

The fun doesn't stop with individual games! We can organize a mini tournament format, pitting teams against each other in friendly competitions that enhance teamwork, foster healthy competition, and create lasting memories. Our experienced staff will guide the participants through the various games, ensuring fairness, fun, and a safe environment for everyone involved.

We understand that every event is unique, and we are open to other game suggestions if desired. Our team is flexible and willing to accommodate your specific requests to make your Mini Games experience truly personalized.

We can recommend parks and venues within each area that are ideal for hosting Mini Games events, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all participants. Whether it's a local park, a rented facility, or your own backyard, we adapt to the location of your choice to create an unforgettable Mini Games adventure.

Our pricing for the Mini Games package is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Contact us today to discuss your event details and receive a comprehensive quote that fits your budget.

Prepare for a day of laughter, friendly competition, and incredible fun with our Mini Games package. Let N.A.A bring the excitement to your child's birthday party or special event. Book now and let the games begin!

Please note: Parental consent and signed waivers are required for all participants. Safety guidelines will be provided prior to the event, and we kindly request that all attendees adhere to these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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