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Equipment for Soccer

Everything you need to know in order to play a game with us.  From uniform to proper equipment. Regardless if you practice only or play games having the equipment will make the your child develop faster guaranteed!


Match Uniform

Order your own uniform with personalized jersey (name and number) shorts, and socks. 
The order of uniforms will be filled to the manufacturer once 24x pieces has been ordered. 



Soccer cleats

To differentiate soccer cleats for turf and grass from other sports cleats, consider these key points: 

  1. Design: Soccer cleats are typically low-top for better mobility, while baseball and football cleats may have higher cuts for more ankle support.                                                                                                   

  2. Weight and Material: Soccer cleats are lighter and made with flexible materials for continuous movement. Baseball and football cleats can be heavier with more support and padding.                                                                                                                             

  3. Spikes: Soccer cleats have round, blunt plastic or rubber spikes for safety and versatility on different surfaces. Baseball cleats may have longer, pointier, and sometimes metal spikes for traction on dirt and grass. Football cleats  often include a toe spike for acceleration and traction.                  

  4. Midsole and Heel: Soccer cleats generally have a thin or no midsole for a closer field feel, with a firm heel cap. Baseball cleats often feature a thicker, cushioned midsole and padded heel for comfort during standing and quick movements.

         Each sport's cleats are tailored to its specific playing style                   and  move movement requirements​​​​.

Recommendation: We recommend to go in at any BIG 5 in SFV and  test them in person. We often also run 20% promotions often. 

We will play games both on turf and grass. We recommend having a pair of both. You can find good enough of both for around $25-$35 each. With the discount even cheaper.

Untitled design (1).png



(short artificial grass)



Shin guards


Shin guards are important in soccer for children because they:

  1. Protect against injuries from kicks or collisions.

  2. Help prevent shin splints by distributing stress.

  3. Increase confidence by providing a sense of safety.

  4. Teach good safety habits in sports.

  5. Ensure compliance with many soccer league rules.

These guards are a key part of keeping young players safe on the field​

Recommendations: Most shin guards are similar and if the item has around 4.5 stars on you can't go wrong with either. Shouldn't cost more than $10-15


Goalie gloves

This is for kids wanting to play goalie often. We will also bring to practice


      Goalie gloves are essential in soccer for several reasons,        especially for young players:

  1. Improved Grip and Ball Control: Goalie gloves enhance the goalkeeper's grip on the ball, making it easier to catch, hold, and control during the game. This is crucial for making effective saves and maintaining possession of the ball.                                                                                                           

  2. Protection from Injuries: The gloves provide extra padding and shock absorption, protecting the hands and wrists from hard shots and impacts. This protection is particularly important for young goalkeepers whose hands and bones are still developing.                                                 

  3. Reduced Impact from Dives and Falls: In addition to protecting against ball impacts, goalie gloves can also shield the hands from abrasions and injuries when diving on the ground or during collisions.                                    

  4. Comfort and Confidence: Wearing goalie gloves can give young goalkeepers a greater sense of security and confidence, knowing their hands are protected. This can enhance their overall performance in the game.                    

When it comes to the age at which young goalkeepers should start wearing gloves, it often depends on when they begin playing in goalkeeping positions. As soon as a child starts playing as a goalkeeper, it's advisable to equip them with goalie gloves to ensure their hands are protected and to assist in their development of goalkeeping skills.

Goalie gloves for youth players come in various sizes, and it's important to choose a pair that fits properly. Gloves that are too large can impede grip and control, while those that are too small can be uncomfortable and restrict movement. Generally, the sizing of the gloves should be based on the goalkeeper's hand size, and many manufacturers provide size guides to assist in selecting the correct size.

In summary, goalie gloves are a critical part of a young goalkeeper's equipment, providing protection, enhancing performance, and boosting confidence on the field

We recommend: A good thickness is something close to 3.5+3MM. Wrist support important. You can find decent pairs from $25-$60 range. 

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