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Why join our league instead of the more exclusive club or AYSO? 


 As parents of young children, we understand that choosing the right soccer league for your child is an important decision. We'd like to introduce you to our Viking Championship League, a soccer league that offers a unique hybrid   approach, combining the best aspects of club soccer and AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization).

Balanced Competitiveness: We recognize that early emphasis on intense competition can sometimes be overwhelming for young players. Our Viking Championship League strikes a balance by providing a supportive and development-focused environment. We believe in fostering a love for the game and nurturing individual skill development without excessive pressure.

Convenient Location: Unlike some club soccer programs that require extensive travel, our league ensures that all games are held at one location. This eliminates the need for long journeys and allows you to spend more time enjoying the game with your child. Our centralized location offers convenience and reduces the logistical challenges often associated with club soccer.

Skilled Coaching: At Viking Championship League, we pride ourselves on providing skilled coaching comparable to what you would find in club soccer. Our coaches are trained and experienced in working with young players, focusing on age-appropriate techniques and fostering a positive learning environment. Your child will receive guidance from dedicated coaches who are passionate about player development.

Team Sign-Up Options: Unlike AYSO, where players are often placed on teams without prior knowledge of teammates, our league offers the flexibility to sign up as a team. This means that your child can play alongside their school classmates, friends, or any specific group they feel comfortable with. It promotes camaraderie, team cohesion, and a sense of familiarity for an enhanced playing experience.


Minimized Volunteer Reliance: While AYSO relies heavily on volunteers, we understand the importance of consistent, skilled coaching. In our Viking Championship League, we ensure that our coaching staff consists of qualified professionals dedicated to supporting your child's soccer journey. This allows for consistent training and a higher level of expertise on the field.

  By choosing Viking Championship League, you can provide your child with a balanced and enjoyable soccer  experience. They will have the opportunity to develop their skills, build friendships, and grow as both individuals and athletes. Our league offers the perfect blend of competitive soccer and a supportive, community-focused environment.

    We invite you to join us and be part of the Viking Championship League, where your child's soccer journey can thrive in a nurturing and exciting atmosphere.

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