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Viking Raiders


  Welcome to Nordic American Athletics and our Viking Raiders program - Where Soccer Skills and                      Personal Growth Unite!

 At N.A.A, we are passionate about providing an exceptional soccer experience for children aged 6-11                 years old. Our inclusive program welcomes children of all skill levels, fostering a supportive                                    environment     where everyone can develop their soccer skills, cultivate teamwork, and grow as                        individuals. We believe      that soccer is not just a game but a platform for personal evolution.


      Why Choose N.A.A for Kids Aged 6-11?

  1. Inclusive and Diverse: We embrace diversity and welcome children from all backgrounds and abilities. Our program is designed to create a safe and inclusive space where every child feels valued and supported. Whether they are beginners or have prior soccer experience, we provide equal opportunities for growth, learning, and fun.

  2. Match Play Opportunities: For those who are ready, we offer exciting match play opportunities against other teams. These friendly matches allow children to apply their skills, experience the thrill of competition, and learn valuable lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship, and resilience. We strive to create an environment that nurtures healthy competition and personal development.

  3. Emphasis on Teamwork: We strongly believe in the power of teamwork both on and off the field. Our program instills the value of collaboration, communication, and mutual support among players. Through group exercises, team challenges, and shared goals, children develop strong bonds, understanding the importance of working together as a cohesive unit.

  4. Experienced and Passionate Coaches: Our coaches bring a wealth of experience to the field. They possess a deep understanding of both the school system and high-level playing experience. With their expertise, they guide and mentor each child, helping them develop technical skills, tactical understanding, and a love for the game. Our coaches are committed to creating a positive and enriching environment for every participant.

  5. Structured Program: Our classes are organized in 10-week cycles, each session lasting 1 hour. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive and progressive learning experience for each child. We focus on individual skill development, tactical understanding, and physical fitness, all while nurturing a passion for the game.

  Join us at N.A.A to embark on an extraordinary soccer journey for your child! Our program offers more             than just soccer skills; it cultivates character, teamwork, and personal growth. Watch as your child's             confidence soars, their skills evolve, and they develop lifelong friendships.

  To learn more about our program or to enroll your child, contact us at 818-8739504 or                                         

   We are excited to have your child be a part of our soccer community!

  At N.A.A we aim to build not only great soccer players but also exceptional individuals.

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