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Rules and regulations

In game rules: 






Match Duration:

  • Matches will have be 2x20 mins per game including a 5 minute half time

Field Dimensions:

  • The playing field should adhere to the recommended size for young players, which is approximately 30-40 yards in length and 20-30 yards in width.

  • The field can be adjusted based on the available space and the age group of the players.

General Soccer Rules:

  • The objective of the game is to score goals by getting the ball into the opponent's net while defending your own net.

  • Players are not allowed to use their hands or arms to touch the ball, except for the designated goalkeeper within their penalty area.

  • The ball is out of play when it fully crosses the touchline (sideline) or goal line, and a proper restart is required (throw-in, goal kick, corner kick, etc.).

  • Offside rule: No offside, however each team coach will strongly teach players to avoid "cherry picking".

  • Build up line: We will implement a build up line to let the defending team build from the back

  • Fouls: Players should avoid dangerous play, such as sliding tackles, pushing, or intentional tripping.

  • Free kicks or penalty kicks may be awarded to the opposing team for fouls.

  • Sportsmanship: Emphasize fair play, respect for opponents, referees, and coaches. Encourage good sportsmanship and positive behavior throughout the game.

  • Even the game out: If one team is up by 5 goals they will have to substitute a player.

Code of conduct (on and off the field) 

We strive to create a positive and respectful environment in our soccer league for all players, parents, coaches, and officials. To ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, we kindly request that you adhere to the following code of conduct:

Good Sportsmanship:

  • All players should be good teammates on and off the field, demonstrating respect and support for each other.

  • Encourage a positive and respectful attitude towards opponents, recognizing their contribution to the game.

  • Emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, fair play, and integrity.

Positive Attitude:

  • Foster a supportive atmosphere where players approach the game with enthusiasm, determination, and a growth mindset.

  • Encourage teamwork, cooperation, and the development of strong character.

  • Discourage negative comments and unsportsmanlike behavior.

Respect for Opponents:

  • Teach players to respect their opponents, recognizing their role in challenging and improving skills.

  • Discourage taunting or disrespectful behavior towards opponents.

  • Emphasize the value of competition and the opportunity to learn from worthy adversaries.


  • Maintain open and respectful communication with coaches, league officials, and other parents.

  • Address concerns or conflicts through appropriate channels, promoting constructive dialogue.

  • Encourage feedback and discussions that contribute to the betterment of the league.

Exclusion Policy:

  • We reserve the right to exclude any player, parent, or spectator from the league without warning if their behavior is detrimental to the league's values.

  • Instances of unsportsmanlike conduct, disrespect towards others, or non-compliance with league rules may result in exclusion.

By adhering to this code of conduct, we can create a positive and supportive environment for all participants. Let us strive to make this soccer league a place where children can develop their skills, form friendships, and learn important life lessons through the beautiful game.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to promoting sportsmanship and respect in our soccer league.


Shoes: Soccer cleats is recommended but not mandatory. Sports shoes OK. Nothing else! No baseball, am. football cleats. 

Shin guards: Shin guards is however a must - for your own protection. Most kids will wear cleats and cleats are hurtful and potentially dangerous if they hit the shins - shin guards with proper socks are mandatory. 

Water bottle: Each child is required to bring his or her own water bottle to both practice and game

Uniform: Each team will wear a reversible uniform, the uniform includes jersey, shorts and socks. 


Team Size:

  • Each team will consist of 6-9 players (depending on age) on the field, including a designated goalkeeper.

  • It is recommended to have a few substitute players available to ensure fair play and give everyone a chance to participate each team may consist of up to 12 players max.

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